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Wilhelm Wagenfeld was born on 04.15.1900 in Bremen. There he makes a lesson in the design office of a silverware factory and attended art school at the same time. 1919-1922 he attended the National Design Academy in Hanau / Main, then he moves to the Bauhaus in Weimar, where he is informed by Christian Dell and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. From 1926 until its closure in 1930 Wagenfeld is active at the State Bauhochschule Weimar, 1928, he joined the German Werkbund. In the years 1931 to 1935 he worked as a lecturer at the State Art College, then he takes over as artistic director of the United Lusatian glass works in white water. 1942 Wagenfeld is recovered by the army and sent to the eastern front, from where he returns in the autumn of 1945 from a Russian prisoner of war. In 1954 he founded the workshop in Stuttgart Wagenfeld and designs to 1978 for several company's products, for example, WMF, Peill & Putzler, Braun AG, and others. Wilhelm Wagenfeld died on 05/28/1990.

The very first table lamp draws Wagenfeld in Weimar, the Bauhaus lamp of 1924, is highly praised by his masters and sold in greater numbers. During his time in Weimar be many more products, especially lamps, tea sets and other tableware, all characterized by a large Formenstrenge and the pursuit of perfection. Following the closure of the Weimar Bauhochschule Wagenfeld worked short term for the Jena glass Schott & Gen., With a series of ceiling, pendant and floor lamps creates, and teaches at the School of Art until 1935. The submission of the work under the federal cultural policy of the Nazi Party in 1933, he strongly condemned, "I protest against the intended joint venture with the Combat League for German Culture! This fight federal government is a disgrace for Germany "(Wagenfeld to the office of the DWB and references therein. By Scheiffele, p. 83) Jena glasses are a great sales success and bring Wagenfeld one more tasks, for example, for a complete service for china factory Fürstenberg / Weser. From 1935 he is for the United Glass Works Weißwasser as artistic director under contract until 1940 where he over 200 models of glasses, vases, services, and other designs. In 1937 he was awarded for his diamond glasses with the Grand Prix of the Paris World Exhibition and a bronze medal at the Triennale in Milan. Other well-known objects of this time are the vase Paris, the service Oberweimar and bent Pelikan ink bottle. The war years interrupt this very productive phase. From 1947 Director of Wagenfeld typing and standardization at the Institute for Building of the German Academy of Sciences. Already in 1949 he signs a contract with the WMF (Württembergische Metallwarenfabrik from) to start up in 1954 his workshop, the workshop Wagenfeld, in Stuttgart. Until the closing of the workshop in 1978 he dedicated to the design of industrial products and received numerous awards, such as the 1957 Grand Prix of the Milan Triennale in 1968 and 1969, the Berlin Art Award and 1982 Federal Award for Good Design. He will also in 1962 and 1965 Honorary Member of the Academy of Arts in Stuttgart and Berlin. Wilhelm Wagenfeld numerous designs, his teaching at various art schools, his editorial work at the magazine form, and its wide-ranging correspondence with international artists to make him one of the most influential product designer in Germany.


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Photo Wilhelm Wagenfeld: Bauhaus-Archiv Berlin
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