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arco floor lamp
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he Arco floor lamp is a modern icon. It's a sculptural floor lamp that provides the same effect as overhead lighting without all of that pesky, permanent wiring and lack of flexibility that comes with a pendant or chandelier. Its shiny stainless steel finish gives it a sleek modern look that has never once become dated-looking since it was designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962.

A long arcing neck needs stability, which is provided by a marble brick base with a hole in it. Once you've found a spot for the base, the lamp can be placed over sofas, beds, desks and even dining tables. Is this form following function, or function following form? I was trying to declare one or the other, but this design makes it hard to determine! Whatever the answer is, the ingenious form and function earned the Arco a permanent spot in the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection. There are not a whole lot of items you can visit at the MoMA and purchase for your own home.

Is the Arco right for your space? If you are planning to get one, placing it just right can be tricky. Spaces that are too small or cluttered can be overwhelmed by an Arco lamp. If you plan on purchasing one, be sure to look at the measurements carefully and figure out where you are going to put the base to get the lamp in the right spot. I'm going to show you a bunch of examples of how designers have used this iconic lamp perfectly - take a look and see if the space planning, scale of the room (including ceilings) and furniture placement resembles the space where you envision an Arco in your home.

by Vanessa De Vargas
Although the space in this pre-fab house is tight, the high ceilings, large windows and minimal amount of furniture create the perfect spot for an Arco floor lamp.
contemporary living room Residential Design by interior designers Bentheim,UK Stylish trade fair design f
This room is so spacious that it can accommodate two Arcos.
modern bedroom by Ilija Mirceski
If you're not into bedside tables and lamps, why not use an Arco for reading light?
modern living room Design Within Reach
The Arco is perfect for light and airy lofts.
modern bedroom by SHH - Spence, Harris, Hogan Associates
Using the Arco as a desk lamp here makes it possible to have curtains hang across the whole wall without worrying about wires for desk lamps or wall lamps getting in the way.
modern home office by Kelly Porter
Here the Arco is a modern ingredient in an office that mixes traditional and contemporary items.
contemporary living room by Blacksheep
Arco Floor Lamp + Noguchi Coffee Table = A Winning Combination
contemporary living room by Busybee Design
Very high ceilings allow for a very tall lamp here. Also note how well this works for providing light to sectional sofas - usually the person in the corner doesn't get much, as it's awkward to place a table lamp or regular floor lamp right next to that particular spot.
contemporary kids by Patricia Benson
This shot shows how you can place the lamp right next to a wall instead of having it hover into the middle of a room.
modern family room by Fougeron Architecture FAIA
This is a really good example of how unobtrusive the lamp can be - the stainless steel blends in with the glass door frames.
This is a great example of how this floor lamp can act as a hanging lamp in the center of a space.
modern living room by ome.co.il
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