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Modern Icons: PH Lights,artichoke lamp
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PH lights are named after the initials of their designer, Poul Henningsen, who was obsessed with light. Henningsen was always playing with reflection, diffusion, the light spectrum and spreading light equally. In fact, he has been referred to as the world's first lighting architect. It's very clear that modern furniture collectors consider his fixtures the icing on the cake, as you'll see from some of the assemblages of furniture below. In fact, his lights are so iconic they have inspired works of art and even a groovy wallpaper! Let's take a look.
This is the PH Artichoke Pendant. The 72 laser-cut leaves are arranged in 12 circular rows to prevent any glare from the light source. The fixture was originally designed for The Langelinie Pavilion, a restaurant in Copenhagen where they still hang today.
This is the PH 5, which Henningsen designed in 1958. Its basic structure is a cone, three reflecting shades, and it uses a bit of primary red and primary blue to absorb the light spectrums. I'm starting to see why PH was deemed the world's first lighting architect. The simple shape is so deceptive, yet so much thought went into how it would function.
I found this wallpaper when shopping online the other day and was thrilled to find a Houzz designer using it. It features the PH Artichoke Light prominently. The actual pendant lamp here is the PH 50. Doesn't it look smashing with the Saarinen Table and the Eames Shell Chairs? I'm finding most PH light owners have paired them with other mid-century iconic pieces.

The PH 50 is a spinoff of the original PH 5, designed in 1958. The diameter is 50 centimeters, hence the name. The new release comes in 5 new fun colors like this sleek black.

By the way, if you click on this picture, I've tagged it with information on where to buy the lamp and the wallpaper. Just look for the green tags.
This fixture is the PH Snowball Pendant. This is such an unexpected yet perfect spot for one, tucked off-center into a very small bay window nook. It shows off just how versatile these pendants are, especially when you choose an all-white version. I also love the play between the fixture and the contemporary Philippe Starck Eros chair, mixed in with wood mid-century pieces.
modern living room by Webber + Studio, Architects
by Webber + Studio, Architects
by Webber + Studio, Architects
Check out the back wall toward the right of this photo; there are two paintings celebrating PH lamps! It's clear from this shot that the owner is a modern furniture enthusiast and collector, and obviously the PH pendants are much-honored. If you look closely, you can see the PH 50 pendant floating almost in the middle of the two paintings.
modern living room by Webber + Studio, Architects
by Webber + Studio, Architects
by Webber + Studio, Architects
Here's another view from the previous shot, as if you were standing right in front of the PH light artwork. To the right is the PH 50, way back in the left corner is a PH Artichoke lamp paired with some Mies van de Rohe Brno chairs.
modern exterior by Paul McKean
by Paul McKean
by Paul McKean
Here the Artichoke hovers over a contemporary dining table and Eames shell chairs. Isn't this a spectacular glass house? The white glow of the artichoke lamp as well as the light furnishings really allow the views of the sky and foliage to take center stage.
Shell chairs also work well with the PH 5!
This picture really shows off the perfect, non-glare glow of the Artichoke.
Classic Danish Wegner chairs are another great partner for the Artichoke lamp.
A PH 5 hovers over a Saarinen Tulip Table and Chairs.
I love this contrast between the live tulips and the abstract artichoke!
Here a pair of Snowball Pendants hover over an elegant kitchen island.
The Artichoke does not necessarily need to hang low over a dining table. It works really well with modern and contemporary architecture, high over an entryway, staircases, and other vaulted areas.
modern dining room by Sutton Suzuki Architects
In this room the Artichoke helps keep a balance between the low furniture and the high ceilings.

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eclectic dining room by Kaylovesvintage
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